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Talking to unchurched people about God and His plan of salvation

How do we get people to talk about spiritual things? How do we start soul-winning conversations?

     "We cannot help speaking about what we have seen and heard"(Acts 4:20 -- Peter and John to the Sanhedrin)
     Half of the unchurched Americans surveyed by Gallup pollsters said they intend to return to active church participation some day. Of that group, one in 5 said they would start back to church if someone would just talk to them about spiritual matters.
     So, how do you start that conversation which may lead people into a relationship with God and the assurance of salvation?
     Look through this list to find questions which would be appropriate with:

  1. Someone you just met
  2. A long-time acquaintance
  3. A good friend
  4. A family member or a "best" friend

     Some of the questions will initiate conversations that could be labeled pre-evangelism.
     This list is not designed to be pulled out of your pocket or purse as you start talking to someone. These are given to demonstrate the variety of ways that a conversation can be steered to a deeper level.

Spiritual conversation openers

General issues

  1. What gives most meaning to your life?
  2. What, or who, are your sources of strength in your day-to-day living?
  3. When you have problems or crises, how do you manage to get through them?
  4. Is religion or God important to you?
    • In what ways?
    • If not, is there any particular reason why not?
  5. Wouldn't you like to have faith in something?

Relationship questions

  1. Does God (or a Higher Power) seem personal to you?
  2. Do you feel close to God?
  3. What is your picture of God?
  4. What has God done for you?
  5. How is God working in your life right now?
  6. Are you comfortable with God's guidelines and laws for living?
  7. Do you feel there are any barriers between you and God?
  8. Have you ever felt anything against God?
  9. Have you ever done anything for which you feel God could not forgive you?
  10. Do you understand the way to forgiveness and what it means?
  11. Do you feel God has a plan for your life?
  12. Do you feel you are living up to what you feel God expects of you?

Devotional life and practice

  1. What kinds of devotional readings do you like?
  2. What are your favorite authors, writings?
  3. Do you like religious music? Kinds? Favorites?
  4. Do you read the Bible?
  5. Do you understand what you read?
  6. Does Bible reading help in living? How?
  7. Is prayer a meaningful part of your devotional life?
  8. Do you feel you are growing spiritually?

The Church

  1. Are you involved in a church?
  2. Is your church helpful to you?
  3. Do you attend the worship services of your church?
  4. What do you like most about its teachings?
  5. Are you personally acquainted with the pastor?
  6. Are you a member of an accountability or nurturing group in your church?

The above information came from: http://home.snu.edu/~hculbert.fs/assess.htm

Are you a good person?

Seeking to know Him?

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