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Free To Live           Liesl Alexander

Liesl Alexander Memorial Tribute
Liesl Alexander went to be with the Lord on January 25, 2012

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Liesl Alexander Testimony

I was an atheist, brought up in a "haunted house" filled with fear.

I was reared with an alcoholic mother, a very distant angry father, and an alcoholic grandfather. A blind grandmother and a neurotic great aunt aided in rounding out this dysfunctional family along with a twin sister and other siblings at least 12 years our senior.

After leaving home for school, I was told my boyfriend (age 13) had committed suicide. This was when I began to dwell on death...what did it mean?...what is it?..

The rest of my schooling seemed to be a waste of time...because I could not think of work, only of death.

Because of surgery, I had to leave school early. For one year I went home to live with a drunken mother whom I hated in a fear-filled household and, in the end, decided to go into nursing.

But I continually pondered death....but received no answers...It was at this time that I got involved in the occult. So things went downhill from there.

Inside I just wanted to die...I seemed to be a black hole with no way of escape!

I took an overdose of drugs stolen from the hospital ward, cut arteries in my wrists and waved goodby to the world, but I awoke in pain and with stitches! Yet I was not truly sure if I was really alive.
They placed me in a room about 6x4 and I stayed there for several years!
I was given 36 plus drugs a day, and strapped in a straight jacket on occasions. No window, no visitors, no furniture. Just a mattress on the floor. No clothes on me either!...where was I? I did not know it then, but I was in a padded cell!!

After 17 months they moved me for short periods, to have treatments. The treatments did not work. I hated life, feared everything, felt alone. There was no God...
The doctors advised therapy which meant going outside the grounds into a high security wing of a psychiatric hospital... In other words, an asylum.

On one occasion I managed to escape but was captured and returned. The consultant said to me, "Liesl! Stop running away, you are here for life, the quicker you accept this the easier for us and the easier for you. This is now your home for life."
I just wanted to die.

On one occasion I escaped and got into the black market drug scene and became an addict..My plan was to die from all these drugs.
Later on, I escaped once again but still only wanted to die. On the way went into a hall, I heard a man say,
"God can do anything, absolutely anything! He can heal the sick, heal the mentally sick and set the drug addict free!"
The *God* bit made me angry...then I heard a lady say, "Jesus loves you! He knows what a mess you are in, He really cares." Now a new 'record' was in my mind.

I returned to the hospital. Eventually, there were many escape attempts; some succeeded, and some failed.
One day some Christian visitors came to see me in hospital.. they laid hands on me and I was healed....It was after that that I accepted Jesus into my life...accepting Him as Lord and Savior...Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever.
These are not mere words but reality: 'In My name they will drive out demons' (Mark 16:17)

Many don't accept this but Jesus would never tell us to do that if demons do not exist! Jesus drove the demons from me, so I know it is true!! Jesus is the Victor. We have all power in Jesus and He does heal the sick today and set the captives free. He is wanting His people to believe His words.

YOU are his people. You are the ones He calls. He demonstrates his power with the lost and the sick and the bound. Praise Him for the faith of those who came into my cell and simply asked Jesus to touch this girl's mind.

Praise Him..Amen.

Liesl Alexander
Free To Live Ministries





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