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Top 20 Most Frequently Asked Bible Questions

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Below are instructions on how to use the Evangelism Tackle Box:

  • Login to a Secular Chat room of your choice, message board.

You can then start a conversation. If you need Ice Breakers or Conversation Starters just click on the Ice breakers link in the Tackle Box Links section. If you prefer to have some who is seeking just come to you, then you may want to help us monitor the online tracts we have out. We promote these to different secular site via secular banner swaps, and page exchanges. If you would like to help in this area just click here and sign up to help.  To find out more about how this works just click on LiveTracts Monitoring.

  • For help answering questions, just click on the Questions & Objections link or type your question in the Search Q & A Search box to the right. Copy and paste the answer into email, chat, message board, LiveTracts Monitoring, etc...

Use the links in the box to the right to help you learn more about Internet Evangelism. You can also join our Internet Evangelism community website. Just click here to go there.

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You may want to use something from
the below for and ice breaker when starting a conversation to witness in chatrooms or message boards.

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Evangelism Tackle Box

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