Evangelism Tackle Box

Evangelism Tackle Box
Your online tools for witnessing the Good News of Jesus Christ online.
E-TackleBox.com provides a 'tackle box'
of a variety of resources for would-be Net Evangelists. We provide many sources of help. You needn't worry
about answering complex questions about cults or bereavement or whatever; you can always find people
or text files online, with plenty of information about any subject. So go fishing with this Ďtackle boxí of
evangelist tools. Fish the Net for Jesus! Let's w
ork together telling others about the reason for living.



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Revival's Golden Key

Revival's Golden Key
Revival's Golden Key

We use this book
and it is very, very good.
~ David Campbell

Look at the Click here to read the Table of Contents and read all of Click here to read Chapter One in Adobe Acrobat.
If you don't have Acrobat, you can get it for free here.

BY: Ray Comfort
FOREWORD: By Kirk Cameron

When I came to Christ at 18 years old, I came as a successful young actor who heard about a God-shaped hole in my heart. I came with the hope that God was real, that He was love, that He would fill that vacuum and make me whole. I invited Jesus into my heart, apologized for my "sinfulness," and hoped a preacherís promises of true peace, love, joy, and lasting happiness were true.

Thirteen years later, I can honestly say that nothing in all my life compares with the joy of knowing Jesus Christ. But after reading Revivalís Golden Key, I fell to my knees in prayer, with brokenness and gratitude. God has used this book to open my eyes and change me forever. This book is foundation-shaking and causing me to inspect not only the way I present the gospel, but my own understanding of the gospel itself.

Revivalís Golden Key has also shattered my lukewarm concern for my unsaved family and friends. I finally understand why Paul felt "indebted to all men" and "compelled" to share the gospel. Iíve cleared one of my library shelves of all other books except the Bible and Revivalís Golden Key.

This book - a devastating blow to Satanís best kept secret - has slipped through Satanís fingers and landed in your hands. Read with caution. Prepare to be shocked. Its message is powerful and life-changing. My hope is that every Christian will read this book.

May God bless you with a deeper understanding of His truth and His love, and empower you with His own passion to reach the lost.


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