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 Keys for Kids  from CBH Ministries                              

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Go Fishing

Bible Verse: John 6:32-35    Print Version

Derek sighed.  He wished a fish would take the bait on his hook.  When the bobber finally jiggled, he jerked the pole quickly, but there was no fish, and most of the worm was gone.  “That must be the ‘one that got away,’” said Grandpa with a chuckle as he helped Derek put fresh bait on the hook.  “Try again.”

A little later, Derek pulled up a fine-looking fish.   “I got one this time!” he exclaimed, taking it off the hook and putting it in the pail of water. After Derek and Grandpa caught several more fish, Grandpa put the oars in place and rowed for shore.

“Jesus talked to his disciples about fishing,” said Grandpa as he pulled on the oars.  “Some of them had fished for a living, so they understood fish talk.   Do you remember what Jesus said they should do?”

“Be fishers of men,” replied Derek promptly.   “We sing that song in Sunday school—but I don’t get it.  How do you fish for people?”

“You offer them food—spiritual food—just like you offered worms to the fish in the lake,” answered Grandpa. “Jesus called Himself the ‘Bread of Life,’ so when you tell others about Him, it’s like offering them food.”

Derek thought about that for a moment.   “Sometimes they don’t ‘bite,’ though,” he said.

Grandpa shook his head.  “No, they don’t,” he said.  “Some don’t want to hear about Jesus at all.  Others are like fish that only nibble. They’re sort of interested, but not too much.  They leave after hearing only a little about Jesus.  But . . .” Grandpa’s eyes sparkled like the water around the boat, “other people are like the fish we caught.  They want to know all they can, and they accept Jesus as Savior.”

Derek grinned as he admired the fish in the bucket.   “So we have to keep fishing,” he said.   “Even when it seems like they’re not biting, we have to keep telling people about Jesus.”

HOW ABOUT YOU?  Are you a Christian?  If you are, you should also  be a “fisher of men.”   Watch for opportunities to talk about Jesus.   Let others know that you’re thankful to God for saving you.  Talk about things you’ve learned from the Bible or about a prayer that God has answered. Tell someone about a special blessing God has given you—some special thing He’s done for you.  Learn Bible verses that you can share with others in certain situations.  Be patient and faithful—and keep on fishing.

TO MEMORIZE:  Mark 1:17  “Jesus said unto them, Come ye after Me, and I will make you to become fishers of men.”   (KJV)

"‘Come, follow me,’ Jesus said, ‘and I will make you fishers of men.’"  (NIV)

"Fish" For People

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