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And he saith unto them, Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.  ~ Mat 4:19


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Secret to an Open Door
Secret to an Open Door

Very good! A must for your tackle box!
~ David Campbell

A concise book on Biblical Evangelism

Personal evangelism (sharing the gospel) has often been seen as a difficult, embarrassing and even frightening task that most of us simply avoid.  But personal witnessing God’s way is a joy-filled and exhilarating experience, that is often as simple as carrying on a normal conversation.  In this book you will find the secret that made the apostle Paul one of the greatest evangelists of all time – a secret that makes personal evangelism easier than most of us ever imagined – a "Secret to an Open Door."   Read On...

Christian Worker Handbook
Billy Graham
Chrisitan Worker's Handbook

We use this book
and it is very, very good.
~ David Campbell

The Billy Graham
Christian Worker's Handbook

Description: Is this book for you? Do you remember that number displayed on the television Billy Graham Crusades? The Billy Graham Christian Worker's Handbook was developed for the people who answer those calls--at various telephone ministry centers around the nation. Either you or someone you know may have volunteered at one one of those centers. The Handbook has also been used by numerous Christian laypersons committed to sharing Christ and reaching out to people in need. Its 83 chapters cover a wide range of human concerns. Each chapter includes: A "Background" discussion of the particular problem or concern. A "Helping Strategy" to guide you in witness and ministry. The complete text of selected Bible passages relating to each subject. The Billy Graham Christian Worker's Handbook is a valuable resource for any Christian interested in sharpening his or her skills in using the Bible to share Christ with a needy world.

How to Share Your Faith

How To Share Your Faith,

"The book, 'How To Share Your Faith,' shows how to breakdown principles from Scripture and how God can use anyone to effectively share the Gospel"

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Sharing the Gospel in Cyberspace

Sharing the Gospel in Cyberspace

Careaga shows a great deal of wisdom and understanding as he teaches readers navigational skills for reaching real people through the "un-real" world of the Internet.

The Soul Winner - Charles Haddon Spurgeon
The Soul Winner

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The Soul Winner

This classic book by England's master preacher provides valuable insights on the meaning and methods of evangelism for everone from seasoned preachers of the Word to laypeople who feel the call of the Great Commission upon their lives.ess, a better friend. 
By Charles Spurgeon

Hell's Best Kept Secret book cover
Hell's Best Kept Secret

Hell's Best Kept Secret

If you are experiencing evangelical frustration over lost souls, unrepentant sinners, and backsliddern "believers", then look no further. This radical approach could be the missing dimension needed to win our generation to Christ.

By Ray Comfort

How to Win Souls and Influence People
How To Win Souls

How To Win Souls

When it comes to our last breath, what will matter most, is what we have done to influence this world for the Kingdom of God. In this book you will read of many fascinating personal experiences, including encounters with big name Hollywood stars. It will instruct and equip you, so that with the help of God, you too can learn how to win souls and influence people for the Kingdom of God.

By Ray Comfort









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