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Omni magazine, June 1991, (p.59) made this surprising statement, "CASH AND CREDIT CARDS WILL SOON BE OBSOLETE." InformationWeek, Oct. 11, 1993, boldly trumpeted on it's cover, The Cashless Society, It's in the Cards, The article dogmatically stated, (p.4) "Bet your bottom dollar: The United States IS BECOMING A CASHLESS SOCIETY . . ."

The fastest growing movement in the financial world is "smart cards". Smart cards, which resemble ordinary credit cards, contain tiny computer chips, capable of storing data, such as bank accounts, medical information, etc. Already widely used in Japan and Europe, according to InformationWeek, (p.4) "BY NEXT YEAR, cards will be used to pay for health care and insurance, to receive government benefits, and to buy items in vending machines . . ."

Newsweek magazine, July 31, 1989, (p.54) said smart cards, "may make the old science-fiction notion of a CASHLESS SOCIETY REAL."

A pilot program is already being tested at the Marine Corp's Parris Island training base in South Carolina. According to Newsweek, "On payday, recruits receive smart cards rather than cash. When a marine makes a purchase on base, he plugs the card into a small terminal and the sum is automatically deducted from his pay." Newsweek says, "THE BASE IS, IN FACT, A CASHLESS ECONOMY – even the telephones take smart cards."

The Birmingham News, August, 24, 1993, (p.1B) report on smart cards, said, "Before long, you'll use this electronic check to pay for groceries, gasoline, taxes, stamps, fast food – in virtually any business where you now use checks or cash." Robert Mckinley, president of RAM Research Corp. says, "You've heard about the cashless society . . . IT MAY FINALLY BE ON ITS WAY."

Infosecurity News, Sept/Oct 93 (p.27), writes, "An extraordinary effort is now underway to build an INFRASTRUCTURE FOR LARGE-SCALE USE of smart cards in electronic data interchange, national health- care systems, financial-transaction systems and interactive home services . . ."

Pilot programs, utilizing smart cards, are already being tested in Minnesota, New Jersey, Iowa, Oklahoma, South Carolina and Dayton, Ohio. And according to Lawrence Rudmann, USDA Director of Public Affairs, "It's only a matter of time before ALL FEDERAL PROGRAMS – are brought into compliance,. . ."

But that's not all...
U.S. News and World Report
, told of a frightening reason for smart cards. "To keep closer watch on individuals, engineers have devised a forgeryproof NATIONAL IDENTITY CARD — THE SMART CARD."

President Clinton has repeatedly, on national television, held up before the American people – the National Health Care Card. And for the very first time in history, every man, woman, and child will be numbered and required to carry a card. No exceptions! No excuses! EVERYBODY! In the book, Putting People First by President Clinton, outlining the Clinton agenda, page 22, reads, "ALL AMERICANS will carry 'smart cards'. . ."

An article in Investor's Business Daily, (Nov. 16, 93, p.1), titled, The Dark Side of Health Reform, stated, "Privacy rights advocates are also concerned that the health ID would end up being used by the government for FAR MORE than just determination of health benefits."

PC Week magazine (May 9, 1994 p.1) had an article titled, "Postal Service, IRS developing national identity cards; Clinton may give OK". The article stated, "The Clinton administration is working on creating an identification card that every American will need to interact with ANY FEDERAL government. . . Sources close to the administration said President Clinton is also considering signing a pair of executive orders that would facilitate the conection of INDIVIDUALS' BANK ACCOUNTS and federal records to a government identification card. . . the Postal Service is prepared to put more than 100 million of the cards in citizens' pockets within months of administration approval, WHICH COULD COME AT ANY TIME. . ."

A sinister plan is being carefully carried out by an unseen, but very real hand!

The major concern of the smart card is security. Credit card fraud costs $1 billion dollars a year! And if you think we've got problems with credit card fraud — what do you think will happen when your "financial-healthcare-identification-everything-smart- card" is stolen! A side-article in InformationWeek (p.36), asks the "10-million-dollar question", "What if A Thief Swipes Your Card?". Infosecurity (p.28) also asks, "The standard question is: 'What happens if a user forgets his or her smart card?'".

The answer is obvious . . .
Automatic I.D. News, March 1992(p.E40), says, "AUTOMATIC IDENTIFICATION plays an important role inthe emerging cashless society." Automatic I.D. News, Sept. 1990 (p.37), says, "The fastest-growing segment in the access control market, . . . is biometric sensors. These devices identify people by fingerprints, retina patterns and other BODY-BASED methods . . ."

Already, in Spain, dogs and cats, are required by law, to have microchip implants injected into their skin. The system is also used in the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Great Britain, Belgium, Ireland, New York City and California. And, to stop baby-swapping, kidnapping – it is being considered for use in identifying CHILDREN!

In 1991, while America's attention was absorbed in the Gulf War Crisis, the House "silently" passed, a little-known bill, called The Federal Telecommunication System 2000 (FTS 2000). At a cost of $25 billion, it is the single largest money appropriation in U.S. history. FTS 2000 requires by law, all computer and phone lines, connected via high-tech computer network. According to a published study of FTS 2000, by Craig Hulet, of KC & Associates, "The system is QUITE REAL; . . . THERE IS NO QUESTION that once it is in place, one will 'neither buy nor sell' without being very much a part of the system." Revelation 13:17! What do think President Clinton was referring to in his State of the Union address, on January 25, 1994, when he said, ". . . we must also work with the private sector to connect every classroom, every clinic, every library, every hospital in America into a NATIONAL INFORMATION SUPER HIGHWAY by the year 2000."

How serious are they? In the book,Creating a Government that Works Better & Costs Less by Vice President Al Gore. Vice President Gore, (p.114), calls for ". . . the rapid development of a nationwide system to deliver government benefits ELECTRONICALLY. . . develop an implementation plan for electronic benefits transfer by March 1994." According to Gore, the process is well under way (p.114), "There are test sites in Iowa, Minnesota, New Mexico, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Wyoming."

In 1974, a strange, new mark began appearing on products. Until today, virtually every product is now marked with that familiar UPC barcode. And there are three embedded numbers on every UPC barcode.

What are the three hidden numbers?

All of the marks, or bars are associated with numbers at the bottom, except the marks at the first, middle, and end. Notice the marks for the number "6" are "||". And these marks are the same marks at the first, in the middle and at the end!

Here's the other numbers removed.
The number "666" is hidden in every UPC bar code!
(If you don't believe it, get a bar code and look at it!.)

Something else mysterious has appeared. In the last few years, some UPC codes have appeared with additional boxes underneath the bar code. Beside the boxes are 2 letters - the letter F and the letter H! According to researchers, they stand for forehead or hand. And the purchaser must have the required mark in their forehead or hand before purchasing.

You say it'll never happen! SOME ARE ALREADY OUT!

Bar codes, such as these, have already appeared in some Midwestern stores. According to researchers: the F - is for FOREHEAD, and the H - is for HAND! And according to researchers, the purchaser must have a mark in their right hand or forehead before purchasing!

One party moving rapidly in bar-code identification is the Federal Government. Automatic I.D. News, April 1991, says, (p.46) "Everything that is being used in the military system has been-or will be-marked with a bar code. . . EVEN DOWN TO INDIVIDUAL SOLDIERS. . . EVERYONE GETS A BAR CODE."

At least 15 high schools in New York City are participating in a pilot program using bar- coded identification and scanners to "keep careful tabs on the students"

Esquire magazine of March 1990, (p.89) asked the obvious question, ". . .will we all be tagged in the end?"

In 1935, the Social Security program was enacted as a simple retirement system to be funded by payroll contributions. But in 1974, the Senate Finance Committee voted to issue a Social Security card to every child entering the first grade. Time magazine of March 13, 1972, commenting on the action said, (p.16) "Such a system would further enable the Government to amass information on citizens and STORE IT IN A CENTRAL COMPUTER UNDER A SINGLE IDENTIFICATION NUMBER." Then in 1989, a law was passed that every child, over two-years of age, must have a Social Security number to qualify as a dependent on tax returns. Now a program has been implemented, that when the baby is born, the hospital will automatically apply for the social security number! The name of the program — ENUMERATION AT BIRTH! To Enumerate means to "ASSIGN A NUMBER!"

The government is establishing a UNIVERSAL IDENTIFICATION NUMBER!
An amazing fulfillment of prophecy is presently taking place — the merger of the European Community. According to Bible students, this incredible political-economic development, is nothing less than the revival of the once great Roman Empire, prophesied in Daniel. The Bible teaches the Anti-Christ will head up this 10-nation, Revised Roman Empire. And on January 1, 1993, the Revised Roman Empire officially began, called the United States of Europe. The Wichita Eagle described its uncanny birth, ". . . Since the fall of the Roman Empire, there has been the dream of a unified Europe. We are . . . seeing a brand NEW ROMAN EMPIRE RECONSTRUCTED."

The Bible, also refers to the Revised Roman Empire as Babylon. Babylon begin in Genesis chapter 11, when Nimrod tried to reach heaven and bring in a one-world government with the Tower of Babel, which God destroyed. The official poster for the United States of Europe is amazing! Believe it or not, but it actually portrays the United States of Europe as the Tower of Babel, with 12 stars representing the current 12 nations of the United States of Europe. And if that weren't enough, the 12 stars are not ordinary stars – BUT UPSIDE-DOWN PENTEGRAMS (which is the universal symbol for Satanism, found on the cover of THE SATANIC BIBLE)!

Just how near are we to 666?

Read the following!

Standardization News, February, 1991, told of some unbelievable developments. The European Community has decided to utilize an identification mark. Page 30 of the report reads, ". . . ONE CANNOT MARKET OR SELL A PRODUCT UNLESS IT HAS THE EC MARK." Revelation 13:17 reads almost identical, "And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark . . ."

2,000 years ago, the Bible foretold of these events, and they're being fulfilled to the smallest detail!

The Bible prophesies of an event before the great tribulation, called the rapture. When the Lord Jesus Christ will call out or "rapture" all the truly saved people. (1 Thess. 4, 1 Cor. 15) One day, one night, very soon, millions around the globe will suddenly disappear. Loved ones, friends, children, spouses, neighbors will suddenly vanish. Chaos and fear will plague the streets.

And as much as you'd like to disbelieve and ignore it
To think what is happening around the globe is coincident, or accident, is simply impossible!

To realize how near we are to the rapture, 666 - the Mark of the Beast is not even initiated UNTIL THE MIDDLE OF THE TRIBULATION

The hour is very late! Have you ever really been saved? Friend, you do not want to miss the Rapture! The time of the tribulation will be beyond anything imaginable! Think of the horror when EVIL WILL COMPLETELY TAKEOVER! The whole world will be controlled by SATAN HIMSELF!

Billy Graham, in his book, Storm Warning, (p.66) makes this warning, "There is something ominous in the air, and I am intrigued by both THE HORROR AND HOPE of what lies just ahead."

Friend, don't miss the rapture! Revelation 9:6 describes the horror, "And in those days shall men seek death, and shall not find it; and shall desire to die, and death shall flee from them."

Friend, If you've never been saved, don't wait another minute!


It's simple to be saved.

Just pray this simple prayer, and mean it with all your heart. Lord Jesus, I know that I am a sinner, and unless you save me I am lost forever. I thank you for dying for me at Calvary. I come to you now, the best way I know how, and ask you to save me. I now receive you as my Savior. In Jesus Christ name, Amen.

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