Rachel : Well, i was browsing through different websites, and this popped up with the statement, how to begin a relationship with God. So that’s my questios: do you have any tips on how to begin a relationship with God?

Let me ask first what you think it takes, and we can go from there.

well i want to be in an environment where i feel that God is near me and where I can openly pray and feel comfort, and I think it just takes me to start believing in God (which i do), and just expressing my faith is some sort of worship area

Do you believe that heaven is your eternal home?

yes, for sure

Suppose you met God at the entrance to heaven and he asked why he should let you in, what would you say?

ummm, i would say something along the lines of “that i have been a good person and that i have tried my best to connect with you, even if its not on a daily basis”..this is why im thinking i need to start a relationship with God

If someone asked you why Jesus died on the cross, what would you say?

to open the gates of heaven for us and so that we would all be peaceful in heaven together

That’s rather poetic. So do you think that everyone goes to heaven?

I do, well most people..mainly people who have done some sort of good in there lives

So, in your estimation, how much good do you have to do in order to go to heaven?

just to obey the rules God intended you to obey, and not like kill anyone and just be an all around good person, I feel if you have tried in life and have made the best out of it, you will go to heaven

Let me share a verse of scripture with you (Romans 6:23) -“The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.” Which side of that verse do you think your life is on right now?

borderline of both, but im feeling more of the 2nd part of the reading

Do you feel there was ever a time when you were definitely on the wrong side of that verse?

yes, but for right now i would say no

What do you think it would take to get you solidly on the right side of that verse?

I feel like I have an empty part inside of me. and when im talking about God (like right now) i feel at peace, i feel that if i get actively involved in “part of God’s plan” i will be on the right side of the verse

Perhaps that’s where part of the confusion is coming in. Notice the word “gift” in that verse. Eternal life is not a goal, an accomplishment, or a reward. You and I can not get there by living a good life. The only way we can get there is by God giving it to us. And that’s why Jesus died on the cross.

As far as you know, was there ever a time in your life when God gave to you his gift of eternal life through Jesus Christ?

no, nothing I can think of right now…but i guess possibly

Perhaps I could ask another way. I know you’ve been very careful to live a life pleasing to God, but have you ever asked God to give you complete forgiveness and eternal life through Christ once and for all?

no, i have to say I havent

Some people adopt the thinking that living a good life gets us to heaven. It can’t. That’s because God is a perfect Judge, and he never excuses sin just because we’re sorry and trying to do better. For example, we would never want a judge of a murder trial to do that, otherwise we would not call him a “good” judge.

The reason Jesus died on the cross was to take the total penalty for our sin, which is God’s complete wrath. It wasn’t fair to him at all, but he took the whole price for all of us.

And what he did was completely sufficient to bring us into God’s forgiveness. Since the price is paid, God is willing to forgive us and give us eternal life.

that is a good way of thinking of that, ive never thought of that. but im beginning to understand what you are saying to me

What I’m explaining is not anything that we deserve. Truthfully, what we deserve is God’s judgement. Whether we’re a “good” sinner or a “bad” sinner, it doesn’t matter. We’re still a sinner deserving judgment. Fortunately through Christ, we have the opportunity to get what we don’t deserve, and that’s forgiveness.

This means it’s important how we approach God about forgiveness. If we think we deserve it, then we’re trusting ourselves to get what we cannot get. That’s why the Bible commands us to trust Christ, and trust him fully.

yes, that is absolutely true

Thinking of the gift again, imagine someone at your house offering you a gift. If you try to clean up your house and make yourself a better person, it doesn’t really matter as far as the gift is concerned. That’s because the gift is still sitting in his hands.

wow, that is true

You have to accept it from him in order for the gift to become yours. That’s what I did on June 18, 1978. I realized I was a sinner deserving judgment, but Christ had already taken care of that judgment. So I made a decision to trust Christ as my Substitute, and I asked God to forgive me.

Because I trusted him to take care of it, he did -completely. There was nothing left for me to do in order to “get” eternal life. God simply gave it to me.

With eternal life, God gave me his living presence in my life right here and now. Because of that, I can now live successfully in his sight. He is living through me, and that’s what he wants to do for you.

But it starts with the gift of eternal life. Until you receive it from him, you might be living a good life, but it’s a life still falling under God’s judgment with no eternal hope for the future.

God wants to take care of that once and for all by giving you complete forgiveness as a gift through Christ. It’s up to you whether or not you want to receive that through Christ and whether or not you believe he really wants to give it to you.

wow, ok that will have to be something i will have to do then. i feel that i will need to make that step and ask God to forgive me fully. To receive eternal life, do i just ask God for complete forgiveness then?

Yes, that’s right. I’m thrilled for you.

ok, wow this is a big step, but i think i can do it

Let us know if there’s anything we can do to help you in this regard. You can reach us toll-free at 1-888-NeedHim.

ok, thank-you so much.one more quick question then… ok, let me just get this straight before I go. In order to receive the gift of eternal life I have to ask God for complete forgiveness. Does that just me I go and pray to God in a silent spot?..or correct me if im wrong..

Sounds good to me. God is listening all the time, and already knows what you’re thinking and feeling. But he wants to hear it verbally from you, because that’s what a living relationship with him means.

ok, thank you so much for your help. You have been great. and if i have any questions I will certainly call that number you gave me.

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