This is a message that we desperately need today in our world. It is the problem with our world and we need to listen and come to grips with it. Now is not the time to shrink back, we must stick to our guns and preach and teach the good news. The world is not going to come into your Church buildings. We must invade the world and continue to share the good news of redemption. This is not a game it is real and it is our time to be real in the plan of God. If one does read his bible, Paul and the disciples had to fight and stand their ground and they lost their lives. We surely should not think we deserve to just sit around in our buildings and let the people in the world peaceably slip into hell.  

Alistair Begg states in this message:
Now, this is something that is largely unpalatable. You don’t hear much of it in the press. You won’t, certainly, hear it in many congregations, because everybody wants to be liked and to be affirmed, and that’s true of the pastors as well. And so why get into stuff like this? There are many other things that we could talk about. But here we have it: that God’s anger is on account of our wickedness—our wickedness, whereby, as we’ve seen earlier, we suppress the truth. We refuse to acknowledge the truth we know. And we saw that in the last couple of studies: that this has been made known to us. Even the invisible qualities of God, his power and his divinity, are clearly perceived in the things that have been made. 

The TRUTH is only found in the Bible the word of God. Don’t just believe what a Pastor tells you, read the Bible and know the truth. The truth is what will set someone free. So many lie in the Churches nowadays which ship people to hell daily. So I for one point people to Jesus Christ and the reading of the word for themselves first and far most, before I tell them to GO TO CHURCH. If you make someone believe that going to Church will save them and they end up in a Satan-deceived Church, you are just helping them in their journey to hell. Introduce people to the one and only TRUTH which is Jesus before telling them they need to go to Church. Church does not save people Jesus does. One must know and follow Jesus Christ and know what He tells us to do by knowing His word then one will be equipped to know when Satan is deceiving them subtly wanting them to be complacent and just live to die and go to hell. We need to live to go and spend eternity with the only one that came to give us redemption, no man can do this only the God-Man Jesus Christ. 

Alistair Begg also states in this message:
We find ourselves in between time and eternity, entrusted with a message that is wonderful in its fullness, set against the backdrop of God’s judgment. And it is an irony that we need to continually point out that the things that offer freedom actually enslave us.

We are and will never be free until we place our faith in Jesus Christ who is freedom and the only one who can break the chains that this world has placed on us. This world belongs to Satan.

Alistair Begg also states in this message:

Fallen and can't get up

Fallen and can’t get up

“I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up.” “I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up.” That’s response number one. That’s Genesis 3. “We have fallen, and we can’t get up, unless you come and pick us up.” That is salvation. That’s response number one: penitence. 

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